About the Project
This project is by nature multi-/inter-disciplinary (including surgery, pathology, chemistry, physics, regulatory, bioinformatics, pre-clinical science, and instrument manufacturing). Those fields must eventually be coupled with a broad understanding of biological concepts related to medical applications. The skill-set required ranges from pathology, molecular biology and biochemistry, to optical imaging and radiotherapy. The WPs of the proposal cover many inter-/multi-disciplinary aspects by involving for example camera hardware, software, MSI, endomicroscopy, biochemistry, surgery, radiotherapy and medical sciences in general. Selected partners of the consortium will demonstrate the specificity of the targeted labelled probe in identifying minimum tumour margin distance. This will be performed in vitro and preclinically by, not only standard technologies such as histology for the in vitro validation, but going beyond the state-of-art and utilizing MSI. In addition, optoacoustic imaging technology to detect tumour margins utilizing a MSOT clinical camera will be further developed where the preclinical surgery will be validated by using pCLE in tumour animal models. The overall credibility of the project is underlined by a clear methodological approach and well-defined WPs.