Networking activities aimed at facilitating the sharing of knowledge and culture between the participants in a wider setting will be covered.
In the 4-year project period, 4 big meetings will be held in the different countries involved. Each meeting will be organised at one of the institutions, for reasons of availability of accommodations. The meetings will not only consist of the project participants, but also individuals from academic and industrial backgrounds will be invited. Involving participants from an industrial background in the regular assessment of progress is of particular importance in order to gauge the relevance to and the potential impact on the industrial sector.
In addition, specific bi-annual workshops for all researchers involved in the project (thus, not only seconded researchers) will be held. Each workshop will be hosted by one of the organisations and focussed on the specific expertise available. Participants will be trained both in theoretical and practical issues. In this manner, a maximum reach of the dissemination of knowledge available within the consortium is achieved and also future collaborations are fostered.