Percuros B.V.
Percuros B.V., a Dutch biotech company, was founded in 2005 based on bone biomarkers for treatment of osteoporosis. In addition David Galas and Jeff van Ness from the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) also came on board as co-founders and brought along their experience as early pioneers of isothermal PCR and protein-based algorithms. A KGI spin-off, Zuyder Inc., was subsequently incorporated into Percuros. The Company graduated towards developing biomarker assays for immunotherapy and oncology and to this day it specialises in designing both in vivo and in vitro assays for clients.
The Company has a wealth of experience, with 11 R&D employees on board, who work on technologies that span isothermal PCR, gene expression assays, bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging, biosensors and nanoparticles.

Staff Expertise• Dr Alan Chan – molecular imaging specialist who has worked on in vivo time domain imaging (fluorescence lifetime) and readouts to establish spatiotemporal reaction kinetics.
• Dr Karien de Rooij – skeletal biology and assay development, CT imaging.
• Ms Marieke Stammes – PET / SPECT imaging.

Key facilities and infrastructureAnimal housing and in vivo facilities including state-of-art in vivo molecular imaging systems.
• Transgenic mice and xenotransplant models.
• Confocal microscopy, immunohistochemistry and cell-based readers.
• Two locations in The Netherlands – Leiden and Enschede

Previous involvement in Research Programmes• Co-ordinator of the EUROSTARS program, PORAC, from 2010-2013.
• Prinicipal investigator of the Dutch International Innoveren project, DETTL, from 2010-2013 together with South Korean partner, Biterials and Leiden University Medical Center.

Current Involvement in Research ProgrammesCo-ordinator of the EU Marie Curie IAPP project, BRAINPATH, involving training of 21 ESRs and ERs across Europe from 2013-2017.
Consortium project partner and work package leader on a Dutch-funded photodynamic therapy project, IMPACT, from 2010-2014.
Consortium project partner on a Dutch-funded clinical translation image-guided surgery project, MUSIS, from 2010-2014.
Co-ordinator on a Dutch-funded TIPharma project on immunotherapy and imaging from 2012-2014.

Publications• Hollestelle A. et al. Breast Cancer Res Treat. (2013)
• Xie B.W. et al. Cell Death Dis. (2013)
• van Driel P.B. et al. Int J Cancer. (2013)
• Xie B.W. et al. PLoS One. (2012)
• Chan A.B. et al. Curr Cardiovasc Imaging Rep. (2012)

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