iTHERA Medical
ITHERA Medical is a SME formed to develop and commercialise the Multispectral Optoacostic Tomography (MSOT) technology pioneered by the Institute Biological and Medical Imaging in Munich. Possessing an un-paralleled expertise in the development and application of the technology. ITHERA also maintains a close association with the IBMI to develop technical innovations in our small animal and clinical imaging systems while also having access to a range of biological, small animal and technology research facilities.

Staff ExpertiseNeal Burton PhD, Senior Applications Scientist. NB achieved a PhD from John Hopkins University (USA) and has extensive experience in animal toxicology models. Wouter Driessen PhD, Nanoparticle & Reagent Specialist. WD achieved a PhD from the University of Florida (USA) & subsequently continued his work at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre; WD is an expert in probe development application in MSOT. Tim Devling PhD. Director of Sales and Applications.

Key facilities and infrastructure• Optoacoustic lab with inVision (Preclinical) and EIP (Handheld) devices for use in a none in vivo context.
• A laser development lab.
• A software suite with access to the commercial MSOT software, B versions of new software and software development tools (e.g. Matlab).

Previous involvement in Research ProgrammesGO-Bio (2010-2013) from the national Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
GMIM (2012-2013) from the national Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Current Involvement in Research ProgrammesFAMOS (2012-2015) EU-FP7 program

PublicationsBurton et al. (2012), Neuroimage
Lozano et al. (2012), J Am Chem Soc.
Tarrutis et al. (2012), PLoS One

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