TECObiosciences is specialized on consultancy and support of the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industry in the field of Research & Development, Manufacturing, Pre-clinical and Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs and Business Development.

Staff ExpertiseNadja Prang has over 15 years’ experience in the development of protein based therapeutics. After she received her PhD degree in immunology and virology she worked over 5 years in Contract Research Laboratory in Munich developing bioassays for the pharmaceutical industry before she joined Amgen/Micromet, as Head of Bioanalytical Development and QC in 2002. In 2005 she became Director of Global Bioanalytical Development of Serono in Rome and was appointed Head of Biotech Product Development for Oncology & Emerging Therapies in Merck-Serono in 2007. End of 2008 she joined LFB SA in Paris as Program Director for Monoclonal Antibodies. Today she is working as Chief Scientific Officer for TECObiosciences GmbH.

Key facilities and infrastructureTECObiosciences GmbH is part of the TECOmedical AG Group in Switzerland a diagnostic development and distributing organization with own diagnostic development facilities in Rheinbach, Germany.

Previous involvement in Research ProgrammesResearch & Development on behalf of biopharmaceutical companies such as Covagen AG, Switzerland program COVA322 a bispecific TNFalpha x IL17A antibody, GamaMabs SARL, France with program AMRHII, a monoclonal antibody exploited in ovarian carcinoma or UCB with program EMAB, epratuzumab an anti-CD22 antibody.

Current Involvement in Research ProgrammesParticipant of the ZIM Cooperation Network Implants, Transplants and Bone Replacement, Bavaria, Germany (ZIM-Kooperationsnetzwerk Implantate, Transplantate und Knochenersatzmaterial)

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