Gamma Technologies
GTL has developed a state of the art hand held hybrid gamma/optical high resolution gamma camera. The system is portable and can be taken to preclinical and clinical areas.

Staff ExpertiseProf Alan Perkins has been associated with a broad range of work in Medical Physics and imaging. His long standing use of nuclear probes for intraoperative work has led to involvement in the development of a high resolution imager for surgical and bedside applications. In collaboration with Space Research Centre at Leicester University he is working on novel hybrid imaging sytems for intraoperative applications. He is Clinical Director and acting CEO of GAMMA. a joint spin-out company from the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham that is developing a high resolution hybrid imaging system for the intraoperative detection of cancer. Dr John Lees is co-director of GAMMA. He established the BioImaging Unit at Leicester University in 1999. His interests are in the development of instruments for the life and medical Sciences, including CCD technology for gamma cameras for use in imaging lymph node cancers. He also leads the research into compound semiconductor detectors.

Key facilities and infrastructure• Detector modelling systems,
• Digital Autoradiography system for tissue slice imaging,
• Dedicated bioimaging laboratory capable of handling full range of radioisotopes,
• Laminar flow ultra high clean materials manufacturing and handling facilities,
• Access to mechanical, thermal and electrical design engineering facilities and staff,
• Access to state of the art radiochemistry laboratories for the production and quality control of SPECT and PET imaging radio tracers (This includes radiochemist support),
• Clinical trials gamma camera facility embedded in a the Medical School at Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham,
• Access to patients within a hospital setting through collaboration with clinical and surgical staff,

Previous involvement in Research ProgrammesAC Perkins: National NHS Clinical Scientist Training Programme and National Institute of Health Fellowship Assessments.

Current Involvement in Research Programmesno

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