Mauna Kea Technologies
The technological core developed by MKT leads to solutions, which apply to the fields of biomedical research and medical diagnosis.

Staff ExpertiseDr Francois Lacombe serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Mauna Kea Technologies SA. He is the author of more than 150 scientific papers and 20 patents. He spent 14 years working on international astronomical projects such as ISOCAM, ADONIS and most recently NAOS, the adaptive optics system for the Very Large Telescope in Chile. Dr Bertrand Viellerobe and Dr Aymeric Perchant are specialized in the conception, development and commercialization of novel optical solutions for in vivo molecular imaging with microscopic resolution. The group is multidisciplinary with interests in physics, mathematics and imaging and many in the group have worked on challenging astronomical projects including at NASA.

Key facilities and infrastructureMKT's systems are based on a unique and proprietary fibred confocal microscopy architecture covered by 20 patents worldwide. MKT's first product, the Cellvizio LAB, is dedicated to small animal (or pre-clinical) imaging. It enables in vivo and in situ molecular imaging with cellular resolution. The clinical solutions developed by the company are mostly dedicated to the enhancement of cancer diagnosis. One of the company's goals is to develop an optical biopsy solution, which would enable real-time histopathological examination of tissues in situ. In conjunction with adequate molecular markers, MKT instruments dramatically enhances screening and diagnosis procedures, for instance in the fields of pulmonology gastro-enterology.

Previous involvement in Research ProgrammesCARS Explorer, a European research network funded by the European Commission within its FP7 Specific programme Cooperation, Grant Agreement number HEALTH-F5-2008-2002880.

Current Involvement in Research Programmesno

Publications• Francois Lacombe has more than 20 patents in his name in the field of fibred based confocal microscopy, including multiphoton imaging techniques.
• Lelek M. et al., Opt Express. 2007 Aug 6;15(16):10154-62
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